I write this column with a heavy heart. It is never easy to end anything, especially a career.

Wait time can greatly affect the produce industry’s ecosystem, disrupting a logistics strategy. Capacity for drivers continues to be an issue and the more time drivers are spending sitting in a dock the less time they spend on the road.

Ontario craft cider producers are estimated to have topped three million litres in 2017. In the LCBO’s cider category, Ontario’s craft cider has gone from seven per cent to 11.5 per cent of the category in just one year, strong growth considering it surfaced only 5 years ago.

Improved advocacy, member benefits and operational efficiencies drive decision for amalgamation between Food and Beverage Ontario and Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Processors’ Association.

Montreal’s local start-up, Motorleaf, will use a $2.85M investment to further develop the company’s machine-learning algorithms and environmental grow sensors that predict the yield of crops for greenhouse vegetable production.

Jamie Petchell with Eclipse asparagus

The latest asparagus hybrids, developed by the University of Guelph and exclusively licenced and sold by Fox Seeds Inc., are doing well in Europe under challenging weather conditions.