Metro Ontario recently held a vendor show-and tell-prior to the next phase of its Local Purchasing Policy. The policy caters to Ontario consumers wanting more locally sourced options in stores. 

Apple growers were challenged with frost June 4, though it’s too early to assess the overall damage. Orchards had ideal pollination weather during the annual Apple Blossom Festival May 23-28, before temperatures dropped to -3°C and -4°C. 

Ontario beekeepers have experienced hive losses on a grand scale. The recent Ontario Beekeepers’ Association survey of almost 900 members noted that seven out of 10 beekeepers suffered losses. One in three members (32 per cent) reported colony losses of 70 per cent or more. 

With the recent announcement by President Donald Trump that tariffs will be imposed on imports of certain steel and aluminum products from Canada, the Canadian government may retaliate with a list of its own, which includes pickling cucumbers. If Washington doesn’t repeal, Ottawa is prepared to levy $16.6 billion in surtaxes. 

Farmers’ market managers will be able to operate more efficiently through a new Manager Certification program; MyPick logo shows consumers they’re buying from a verified primary producer.

Farm & Food Care has made a new print edition of The Real Dirt on Farming booklet available to Canadians. This national publication helps answer consumers’ questions about food and farming and to help people connect with the food they buy and the farmers who produce it.

Kids learn to make healthy foods in the classroom through the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s Freggie Children’s Program. The event is to provide community awareness of the benefits of learning to cook and consuming more nutritious lunches at school.

After a fire engulfed the RedHat Co-op vegetable packing plant on May 26th, nearby producers offered their facilities for storing the plant’s cucumbers. All of the 280 employees remain employed at Big Marble Farms during the shutdown; new shifts added to accommodate.