Transportation columnist Jennifer Morris investigates the challenges of the last mile.As Marcia Woods,CEO of FreshSpoke says, "Retailers and restaurants are eager to provide their customers with more local food options but conventional distribution doesn't work for local food because it's not designed for the size of these orders which is by the case, not the skid.” 

It is more and more common that customers request several pallets a couple times a week rather than a full load of product once every couple weeks. Product is fresher for better end-user experience as well as space is saved with leaner inventory.

There is a transport option that can possibly accommodate a quicker-than-normal timeframe or a location that is outside the norm for your business. Here is some of the basic information needed to help navigate the process of shipping your goods by air freight.

Transportation of goods is one of the largest contributors to Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at 10.5 per cent of the national emissions profile. Carriers and brokers are taking steps to reduce or offset their contributions to the emissions.  Since 2012 in Canada, the SmartWay Program has been running to help companies increase efficiencies and decrease emission levels.