Rubber-boot weather delayed harvest in Prince Edward Island in fall 2019.

Last fall’s unprecedented rainy and muddy harvest across many potato-growing regions of Canada has led to worries that seed supplies will be tight. Here’s what growers had to say in this phone survey finished February 14, 2019.

The Canadian Horticultural Council has released the latest video in its awareness campaign of international farm workers in Canada. This one focuses on women workers from Trinidad. 

Workshops will be led by OMAFRA vegetable specialists Travis Cranmer and Dennis Van Dyk focussing on garlic production and pest management as well as scouting other vegetable crops. The schedule includes the northern Ontario towns of New Liskeard, Sudbury and Desbarats.

The Conference Board of Canada has released an analysis that recommends improvements to how the Canadian government conducts inspections of farm employers of Seasonal Agricultural Workers. One piece of advice? Develop a trusted employer program.

Recent upgrades to the Ontario Food Terminal have eased congestion and made loading and unloading more efficient.

The Ontario Food Terminal is at the heart of a complex food web. The 40-acre facility, near downtown Toronto, is of interest to the Ontario government which has appointed an agricultural advisory group to look at several provincial issues, including changes to the Ontario Food Terminal network. Bruce Nicholas, general manager, (second from right) and Gianfranco Leo, administration manager (far right) are pictured talking to growers at last year’s Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention.