Ontario’s fresh grape market is short but sweet. As David Hipple, board chair, reports, the 2018 season produced excellent quality and a crop with gross farmgate value of $4.4 million.

Terri Stewart, director, science and regulatory affairs, for chemistry, CropLife Canada

CropLife Canada, the organization that represents crop protection manufacturers, has hired Terri Stewart for the role of director, science and regulatory affairs for chemistry. She brings significant expertise, leaving a 16-year career with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

The Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention hosts a student poster competition every year. This year’s winner, Leah Blechschmidt, addressed the abundance and diversity of native bees in Ontario apple orchards. 

British Columbia’s2019 budget of the agriculture ministry will increase by 5.4 per cent from 2018. Most of the increase is to fund the Grow-Feed-Buy BC initiatives, including ‘regional food hubs’ and enhancement of the Buy BC program.

Rubber-boot weather delayed harvest in Prince Edward Island in fall 2019.

Last fall’s unprecedented rainy and muddy harvest across many potato-growing regions of Canada has led to worries that seed supplies will be tight. Here’s what growers had to say in this phone survey finished February 14, 2019.

The Canadian Horticultural Council has released the latest video in its awareness campaign of international farm workers in Canada. This one focuses on women workers from Trinidad.