David Thompson (L) and Romain Cools, new president of the World Potato Congress.

Romain Cools, a Belgian, is the first European president of the World Potato Congress. The 10th triennial conference is slated for Cusco, Peru from May 27-31.

Two Canadian potato companies have released potato varieties with a nod to Canada’s 150th anniversary. Named AAC Confederation and AAC Canada Gold-Dorée, they meet today’s consumer demands for taste and texture.

Leamington fire rescue truck

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat as Canadian greenhouses are cleaned for the next crop. Forty-five workers have been sent to emergency in the last month.

Martin Lemoyne, president of Fruit d’Or

Ricardo Larrivée, one of Canada’s best-loved TV cooking-show personalities, paid tribute to the country’s culinary heritage with 52 videos in 2017.  “We are the Best” series profiled fruit and vegetable growers coast to coast.   

Bayer is bringing Luna Sensation, a broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide with the active ingredients of fluopyram and trifloxystrobin (Groups 7 & 11 respectively), to horticulture growers in Canada.

Gerald Klose, director of viticulture, east, Arterra Wines Canada

The untimely death of Karl Kaiser, a pioneer in creating Icewine, marks a logical pause to reminisce about the past and to gauge the future of the Canadian grape and wine industry. Several trends emerge on how times are changing.