The trade show at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association will open at 1 pm sharp on Wednesday, April 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Don’t miss the Learning Lounges on the trade show floor.

Jamie Reaume, right, visits with a Holland Marsh grower.

No stranger to horticulture, Jamie Reaume is honoured for his agricultural advocacy by Farm & Food Care Ontario. One of his former roles was founder and executive director of the Holland Marsh Growers’ Association. 

Michael Brownbridge, Vineland research director

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has studied non-traditional crops for many years, selecting best varieties for Canadian conditions. This Asian eggplant test site is inspected by Michael Brownbridge.  

Federal ag minister Lawrence MacAulay and Anna-Mary Schmidt, head of grapevine diagnostics

As part of the recent federal budget, $80 million has been pledged to replace the aging Centre for Plant Health in Sidney, British Columbia by 2022. Federal ag minister Lawrence MacAulay is pictured with Anna-Mary Schmidt, head of grapevine diagnostics. 

Despite a tight supply of beehives for pollination, BC blueberry growers are anticipating an early spring and a good start to the season.

Heron flying over flooded land in Ontario’s Holland Marsh

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement on agricultural policies and programs came into effect on April 1, replacing Growing Forward 2. There is increased potential for AgriStability payments. 

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association is set to welcome 44 first-time exhibitors to the April 26 and 27 event in Vancouver. Forty-seven companies are participating in the New Product Showcase.