Consumers say that when meat companies offer plant-based alternatives, it sends mixed messages about their traditional products. Would you rather have a meat burger with one ingredient – 100 per cent Canadian beef, for example – or a plant-based burger with multiple ingredients?

Megan Milton is helping to commercialize a species identification solution called LifeScanner. She takes a personal interest because she found a dead pest in her pistachios.     

Vegetables with the most protein include Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

After all, look what’s happening with other meat alternatives. After years of trying, product developers have finally figured out how to make vegetarian fare taste and feel like meat. Clearly, the public has an appetite for such products, as shown by A&W’s ultra-popular Beyond Meat burger. It’s not made from cultured cells, but it’s also not made from an animal. And to some people, like my stepson, that’s important.