Execulytics publishes Produce Almanac with 660 tables, 415 line graphs, 242 bar graphs, and 95 gauge charts based on a five-year trend of more than 100 produce commodities.

Syngenta and OSCIA’s 2019 Operation Pollinator have planned for success with over 37 hectares devoted to native pollinator habitat in Ontario.

The Center for Food Safety, based in Washington, DC, has filed legal action to the United States Department of Agriculture to remove hydroponics from organic status. Definitions matter in an organic industry now worth $60 billionin which multinational corporations have bought organic brands and compete with small food producers who use environmentally-friendly methods.

Funding worth $279,000 will support the International Phase of the Quality AgriWorkforce Management Program to enhance employment of foreign workers while supporting Canadian agri-food export goals of $75 billion by 2025.