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BC hazelnut replant funding

BC’s hazelnut industry was decimated with eastern filbert blight in the last decade, but is getting new life with provincial funding of $300,000 over three years for a replant program. One of the growers is Helmut Hooge Farm, Agassiz, BC, host of a field day last fall. 

PMRA restarts review process

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency has agreed to restart the review process for the commonly used fungicide mancozeb. However, the decision stands on metiram. 

Late blight confirmed in Ontario

Late blight has been confirmed in a potato field near Alliston, Ontario, just days after the US23 strain was identified in Michigan state. Crop protection fungicides are recommended. 

Heartburn in the heartland

As trade wars continue to escalate between the U.S. and China, American farmers are having second thoughts about their political loyalties. A majority still back President Trump, but that support is eroding.  

Potatopia opens in Toronto

Potato utopia is coming to downtown Toronto. To put the “oh!” in potato, go to the newest kiosk:  Potatopia.

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