It’s seeding season (maybe)

Photo caption:  Broccoli planting in progress.  Photo by Denis Cahill.

I see seeding season like the beginning of a race. Most years, weather pulls the starting pistol and the tractors launch out of the starting gate (or nonchalantly mosey off the line for a long distance trek). This year, unfortunately, is one of those races where the pistol is jammed or the computer system is malfunctioning. The runners are stuck in the block, thrumming with energy.


It’s also the race where it’s inevitable that one runner is going to give a visual representation of ‘jumping the gun.’ It might be on purpose or because the stress was too great and the person leaned too far forward. As an audience, you cringe and maybe hope the judges will let the runner race anyway.


The weather seems to be giving false starts this year so there may be a higher number of those that fell on their face out of the block. This year’s start is more like a grade school’s track and field day where all the kindergarteners go tearing down the track even though only five were supposed to run and all the teachers are trying to get them back but end up giving up. Maybe next year we’ll get the Olympic gold medal race start.


Regardless, whether you’re the kid racing to the finish line, the one who found the only puddle on the entire track, or the one sitting in the grass picking flowers waiting for your turn, good luck with the 2017 season.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

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