‘We are the Best’ series

Martin Lemoyne, president of Fruit d’Or
Ricardo Larrivée (L) and Kirk Kemp, Algoma Orchards
Ricardo Larrivée (L) and Jason Verkaik, Carron Farms

Let’s lift a glass to Ricardo Larrivée’s ambitious series celebrating Canada’s culinary heritage. He finished publishing the 52 videos on December 25, 2017 with a profile of Martin Lemoyne and the massive Fruit d’Or cranberry operation near Laurierville, Quebec. 


Besides using a drone to capture the fall harvest, host Ricardo elicits a few take-home facts. Did you know that one-third of Quebec’s cranberry bogs are organic? 


On December 18, he featured Kirk Kemp at Algoma Orchards, Newcastle, Ontario naming it the apple capital of Canada. Again drone footage chronicles the harvesting of 1,100 acres of 15 varieties of apples.


On December 11, Ricardo released his video visit to Ontario’s Holland Marsh and Jason Verkaik at Carron Farms. What makes a sweet-tasting carrot?  It’s starts with the seed, but it’s also about rich organic muck soil. 


There are another dozen horticultural interviews which could be shared on Twitter or Facebook. They would also be ideal for use in classrooms to highlight genetics and ingenuity. They include:


Week 43:  BC’s Abbotsford cultivated blueberries

Week 39:  QC’s Sherrington field lettuce

Week 35:  BC’s sweet cherries Okanagan Valley

Week 33:  ON’s Leamington greenhouse tomatoes

Week 19:  ON’s icewine from Niagara Peninsula

Week 17:  QC’s sparkling cider from Rougemont

Week 12:  ON’s Cold Snap pear from Niagara Valley

Week 11:  QC’s Hemmingford ice cider

Week 9:   QC’s Saint-Felicien wild blueberries

Week 6:    ON’s Straffordville-grown North American ginseng

Week 5:  PE’s New Annan French fries

Week 3:  QC’s Lavaltrie strawberry plants

For the entire video series, go to: https://www.ricardocuisine.com/we-are-the-best/

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