AMI winds down operations

The Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI) based in Guelph, Ontario, will be closing its doors on April 30, 2019 as a result of changes to its funding structure. Farm Management Canada will take over the hosting of AMI’s online business management tools, resources and workshops. Food Processing Skills Canada will be the new host of the online management tools for processors.


Farm Management Canada has partnered with AMI on various projects in the past, making it an ideal host for the farm-related reports, online training tools and other resources. Food Processing Skills Canada has effectively grown its training platform over the past several years and AMI’s online materials will complement its existing resources.


AMI’s many initiatives included the popular Advanced Farm Management Program, a series of regional food business-focused conferences, and a widely used program that included business management topics and speakers on the agendas of industry events. AMI, in partnership with Farm Management Canada, identified the top seven habits of Canada’s most successful farmers.


AMI encourages interested parties to contact Farm Management Canada or Food Processing Skills Canada for program or training information.


Source: Agri-Food Management Institute, April 9, 2019 news release



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