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Ontario apple growers, father-daughter duo Charles and Courtney Stevens of Wilmot Orchards located in Newcastle, Ont., were recently featured in Andrew Campbell’s video series called The Dinner Starts Here as he tours 52 Canadian farms in 52 weeks.


At Wilmot Orchards, they grow high-bush blueberries pick your own business as well as grow apples commercially in a high-density orchard setting. They have about nine different varieties of apples, but 80 per cent are three varieties: Honey Crisp, Gala and Ambrosia – as Stevens refers to it as the “all Canadian apple.”


The video features drone footage of the orchard and Stevens talks about what it takes to grow apples. The video explains how there is about 75 different insects and pests that try to attack an apple crop. In addition, the duo talk about how they have to prune about 100,000 trees by hand in January. The almost 11-minute-long video also discusses the significant investment needed in order to get an apple crop.


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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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