Bayer CropScience renews support for AgScape

Earlier this year, Bayer CropScience Canada renewed its yearly pledge of $10,000 for AgScape. By supporting agriculture literacy, the company supports its vision of "Science for a Better Life.” 


The funds support AgScape’s flagship Teacher Ambassador Program. Trained in agriculture and food, certified teachers deliver lessons on a wide range of topics in schools across Ontario. This past year was one of the program’s most successful yet, reaching 11,976 students through the delivery of 481 lessons.


Bayer's support of this program has allowed AgScape to pivot to virtual delivery for the 2020/2021 school year. The eight topics include: careers in agri-food, local food, food security, climate change, biotechnology, organic and conventional agriculture, environmental initiatives, technology and innovation.


“AgScape is grateful for Bayer's long-time investment in agriculture and food education,” shared Taylor Selig, development manager at AgScape. “Through their support, we ensure that students and teachers across the province are empowered with the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about the agri-food industry, including, the foods that they eat, the practices involved in their production, and the career opportunities available within the sector.”


Bayer's patronage in AgScape has also allowed enhancement of the digital resource database outreach to educators. This will help Ontario teachers access the extensive library of fact-based resources on agriculture and food. In addition to being a corporate member, Bayer has also been an integral supporter of the Business of Food initiative. 



Source:  Bayer CropScience October 22, 2020 news release

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Monday, October 26, 2020

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