BC cherry crop prediction

Fruit season is here and it has been plentiful, especially for tree fruits in BC. In May, the BC Tree Fruits Cooperative predicted that 2017 would be a record year for cherries. Now weeks into the season, the cooperative says harvest completed to date continues to show signs of a bumper crop. 


“The cherry season for us at BC Tree Fruits continues as we are right in the middle of what has been a busy season with lots of fruit. Weather has been great all summer long and as a result, our growers have had minimal challenges harvesting cherries this year,” Chris Pollock, BC Tree Fruits marketing manager said in an emailed statement to The Grower.  


A similar prediction was made last year, but due to inclement weather it reduced the crop volume to 8 million pounds.


“We still have a few more weeks to go in the season and will probably hit close to 11 million pounds of cherries by the end of the season, which would be the highest we have had at the Cooperative,” he said.


The main market for BC tree fruits is in Western Canada. Though the cooperative continues to see export volumes increase to the US and other key markets. 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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