Bonduelle’s Fresh Picked salads move into Canada

Bonduelle Fresh Americas, formerly Ready Pac Foods, is expanding its fresh prepared meals business into Canada with the launch of Bonduelle Fresh Picked salads. The company said it curated each salad recipe specifically for Canadian consumers’ tastes.

Bonduelle Fresh Americas says it holds more than a 70 per cent share of the $526 million single-serve salad market in the United States. Now the company is aiming to grow the $24 million market for single-serve salads in Canada.

“This expansion into Canada affirms the company’s ambition to be the world leader in well living through plant-based foods,” said Daniel Vielfaure, deputy chief executive officer for Bonduelle Group.

The ready-to-eat salad bowls contain leafy greens, seasoned meats, dressings and toppings such as cheese, vegetables or crumbled bacon. Each is packaged using the Fresh Air Seal, which keeps food fresher longer and extends shelf life without preservatives.

“Canadian consumers want more high-protein food options and Bonduelle Fresh Picked salads will make healthier meal solutions with complete proteins attainable for all," said Mary Thompson, CEO of Bonduelle Fresh Americas.


Source: Food Business News, Dec. 17, 2018


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