Bonduelle launches new vegetable line tested for residues

Processing vegetable giant Bonduelle is launching a new line of frozen vegetables that are tested for pesticide residues. Sold under the Arctic Gardens brand, the line is another option for consumers who want to make sure their vegetables are pesticide-residue free. The new line includes corn, green peas, and green beans and will be arriving on North American grocery store shelves in the next few weeks. 


The "tested for pesticide residues" label means that none of the active ingredients of the chemical pesticides Bonduelle test for are found in concentrations higher than the allowable limit. Bonduelle works with accredited independent laboratories that use state-of-the-art instruments to make sure there are no quantifiable residues. These advanced tests are designed to detect the presence of more than 300 different molecules. 


According to the news release, Bonduelle applies the best agricultural practices and uses the most advanced technology to grow food in a way that's as sustainable as possible. The Group uses a range of natural solutions to replace chemical pesticides, such as parasitoids (insects that don't harm crops but keep harmful species from reproducing), trapping, mechanical weeding, and more. 


Bonduelle also creates short distribution channels wherever possible by growing and processing its products near the markets where they're sold. And Bonduelle's Agronomic Charter, which establishes norms and risk prevention measures for every step of the process, from seed selection to harvesting, sets the standard for all Bonduelle producers and stakeholders. 


Source:  Bonduelle Group February 19, 2021 news release

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Monday, February 22, 2021

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