Boost to Bonduelle Canada

Ontario’s agriculture minister announced May 8 that three vegetable processing facilities in southwestern Ontario would get a $8.5 million boost through the Jobs and Prosperity Fund. Bonduelle Canada Inc operates plants in Tecumseh, Ingersoll and Strathroy.


These government funds will be committed to Bonduelle’s $79.8 million expansion project. New technology will help package frozen vegetable products in new formats, increase productivity, enhance food safety and increase exports. Together, the three facilities produce 250 million pounds of finished vegetable products annually.


Bonduelle Canada is promoting innovation and a long-term vision with eight facilities in Canada of which three are in Ontario.


“We are thrilled with this announcement for the retention and attraction of new business for Ontario,” says Cathy Lennon, general manager, Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers.  “We are steady in contracted acres for 2018, but understand there will be expanded opportunities in 2019 for a variety of our processed crops.” 


Lennon speaks on behalf of Ontario’s 384 processing vegetable growers. 

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

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