Brock online cider course sells out

As teaching and learning transforms in response to COVID-19, Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) has transitioned its popular Cider and Perry Production Foundation course to an online format.


CCOVI worked together with the Cider Institute of North America (CINA) and other program providers to develop this first online course. Since the online format is now offered over a 15-week period rather than a week-long intensive session, for example, it opens the course up to those with less flexibility in their schedules.


 “The Cider Institute represents the range of cider culture, production styles and techniques, apple regions, and business models across North America,” says Brighid O’Keane, executive director, CINA.  “We are excited by the first-ever opportunity to connect students directly with leaders in the cider industry and experts in fermentation research through this online course.”


For the first time, all of CINA’s expert fermentation researchers (from Brock, Cornell University, Washington State University and Virginia Tech University) will be teaching a portion of the course.


Steven Trussler, Brock’s certified instructor for the course, said the co-teaching element is an exciting approach.


 Trussler said they relied on a hybrid approach, pairing live, virtual lectures and online forums with pre-recorded video content and assignments that use those video demonstrations. Students also receive kits containing cider samples for the sensory analysis and tasting components of the course, as well as fermentation supplies to make and test ciders at home.


The current offering is sold out, but anyone interesting in taking the course is encouraged to enrol in the next session that runs from Aug. 31 to Dec. 18, with a live virtual session every week. Registration can be done online via Eventbrite and more information can be found on CCOVI’s website


Source:  Brock University July 6, 2020 news release

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