Brown promises to end cap and trade

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown announced that he would end the Liberal's Cap and Trade Program during a pit stop at a Kingsville area greenhouse operation, Cecelia Acres, on July 10th.


Brown said that greenhouses use the carbon dioxide they produce, therefore they should be exempt from paying a carbon tax.  The leader vowed to scrap the current cap and trade system and replace it with a carbon price that would provide relief to some farmers, including greenhouse growers.  


In a CBC News article, Cecelia Acres owner, Chip Stockwell, expressed his concern not only with cap and trade, but with rising electricity costs and the recent announcement about increases to minimum wage. "Those three things combined make a big number for us to jump over,” he said.


Other provinces like Alberta and B.C. provide carbon tax relief in the form of a rebate to greenhouse growers. 

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

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