Carbon monoxide accident

Windset Farms, Delta, British Columbia

Windset Farms, one of Canada’s largest greenhouse operations, was the site of a carbon monoxide accident on December 9, when 42 employees were sent to hospitals in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Ten were in serious-to-critical condition.


The last two employees to be treated were released from local hospitals at 1:30 am December 10. 


A number of employees became ill while pressure washing inside the greenhouse. The cause was a carbon monoxide build-up, potentially due to gas-powered pressure washers that did not have proper ventilation. WorkSafe BC officials are now investigating. 


John Newell, co-owner was quoted December 10 in the Vancouver Sun: “It’s been foggy and the air has been very still. We maybe didn’t have the vents open enough.

“It will change the way we do things. We have learned an enormous amount here. This will change our protocols.”

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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