Caulipower tortillas to the rescue

Vegolutionary Foods, based in California, has revolutionized cauliflower with the launch of the newest frozen Caulipower tortillas.


CEO, Gail Becker, developed the idea after witnessing the increasing popularity of using alternative carbohydrates, such as cauliflower and potatoes. Currently known for their cauliflower pizza crusts and baking flour substitute, Vegolutionary Foods aims to provide vegan, low-caloric, and gluten-free comfort food options. Caulipower tortillas are a welcomed new product that are good for the waist and taste great.


Keep your eyes peeled because Vegolutionary Foods is eager to unveil two new products later this year.  This is a perfect pitch for the Half Your Plate program and aligns with the new Canada Food Guide, which is placing a greater emphasis on fruits and vegetables.


Source: January 21, 2019 news release

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Monday, January 21, 2019

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