CHC summer meeting in Quebec

The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) will be holding a summer meeting for its board on July 4 and a tour of five farms around Quebec City will take place on July 5. Board and committee chairs will be present at the tour, as well as representatives from Agriculture Canada, PMRA, PMC, Farm Credit Canada, the Dispute Resolution Corporation and Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Tours will be at a cranberry farm, winter raspberry farm, Brussels sprouts farm, sweet potato farm, and an apple farm.


Rebecca Lee, executive director of the CHC, notes that topics of discussion often come up organically during the meeting. The summer meeting is on the cusp of the CHC’s biannual face-to-face board meeting. 


“Because we meet in different provinces it’s a chance for the board members to see what other provinces are doing. It’s mainly to see how production practices are and of course crop protection products,” Lee says, adding that topic will be high on the list. 


“I’m sure we’ll hear about the labour issues that have been going on in the sector.” 


Business risk management topics will also likely round out discussions since Lee says the entire program is being reviewed as well as business tax and small business tax issues.  


The council has been focused on reevaluation of pesticides, and Lee says PMRA will be doing a reevaluation of the products after having been on the market for 15 years. 


“There are a lot of them coming through the pipeline right now and a lot of them ostensibly are going to have their use restricted or completely withdrawn.” 


It would be another 10 years to create an alternative pesticide and Lee says part of the problem is that there aren’t any replacement products for the ones that are going off the market. 


“There are no tools in the toolbox, as it were, to replace them.”

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Thursday, June 28, 2018
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