Cleanfarms to pick up unwanted agricultural pesticides

Cleanfarms is gearing up to run its 2020 fall collection program for unwanted agricultural pesticides and obsolete livestock, equine and poultry medications so that farmers can dispose of these old materials safely and securely. 


This year, Cleanfarms is running 65 collection events in four regions:

-- Quebec – September 21 to October 8

-- British Columbia – Vancouver Island, October 5 to 7; Fraser Valley, October 13 to 16

-- Southern Saskatchewan – October 26 to 30

-- Prince Edward Island – November 2 to 13


“Farmers can take unwanted, old and obsolete materials to our Cleanfarms collection sites at no cost to them. The program is designed to help farmers keep their farms clean and sustainable. When they use our program, farmers have peace of mind that Cleanfarms will dispose of the materials safely,” said Cleanfarms executive director Barry Friesen. 


Collection events are scheduled at local agricultural retailers’ sites. Dates and locations can be found on under “what to recycle & where.” This year, COVID precautions will be in place.


Materials accepted in the Cleanfarms program include: 

-- old or unwanted agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label)

-- commercial pesticides for golf courses and industrial and commercial pest control products (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label)

-- livestock/equine medications that are used in rearing animals in an agricultural context (identified with a DIN number, serial number or Pest Control Product number on the label)


The program does NOT accept:  

-- fertilizer, diluted solution, large quantities of unopened product, and treated seed

-- needles/sharps, medicated feed, aerosol containers, premises disinfectants/sanitizers, veterinary clinic waste and medications, ear tags, and aerosols

-- any other household hazardous waste.


In addition, Cleanfarms collects empty plastic agricultural pesticide and fertilizer containers, grain bags and twine for recycling. Another program operating in eastern Canada collects seed bags and in Quebec, fertilizer bags, for responsible disposal.


Questions about which products are accepted in this collection program can be directed to 877-622-4460 or email Cleanfarms at


Source:  Cleanfarms September 4, 2020 news release

Publish date: 
Friday, September 4, 2020

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