Cuts to Alberta Agriculture ministry

On October 24, the Alberta government announced cuts of $1.3 billion and the elimination of 2,100 public sector jobs.


Alberta farmers and their associations will need to become more self-reliant as the provincial government announced cuts of $88 million to the agriculture and forestry ministry for the next fiscal year. According to a Western Producer report, the primary agriculture division will feel the brunt. Staffing levels are yet to be determined. 


The government is looking to farmer associations to fund more of their research. A cut of $29 million will be made to the crop insurance program. Funds are being moved into the  Canadian Agricultural Partnership program for faster disbursements.


The agriculture budget of $967 million in 2018-2019 will fall to $879 million in 2019-2010 and is projected to decrease to $822 million by 2022-23.   


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Friday, October 25, 2019

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