DelFrescoPure expands greenhouse strawberries

With the increasing demand for locally-grown greenhouse strawberries, DelFrescoPure in Kingsville, Ontario announces phase two of its greenhouse strawberry production expansion from six acres to a total of 17 acres. The expansion will be in full production by November 2018 in order to fulfill marketplace demands of Ontario greenhouse-grown strawberries from national retailers and consumers.

“Since our first introduction of our YES!Berries Your Everyday Snack!, the national and local retailers have shown tremendous support of our Ontario greenhouse-grown strawberries program,” said Carl Mastronardi, president of Del Fresco Produce Ltd.

The expansion features innovative technology for growing in all seasons, including energy curtains and high-pressure sodium grow lights to provide a 750,000-square-foot controlled microclimate environment for growing strawberries.

“Our consumers are looking for a tasty strawberry with home-grown flavour,” commented Ray Mastronardi, vice president of sales. “With our innovative growing practices, we offer a high-brix strawberry full of traditional strawberry flavour and only use integrated pest management to deliver a clean and pure strawberry.”

Source: DelFrescoPure August 2, 2018 news release

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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