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As #plant2017 will soon be underway – some potatoes are already in the ground --  the upcoming NAFTA negotiations may not be front-of-mind. However, the consequences will be very real at the end of the row. 


Murray Campbell, president of Campbell Strategies and a former member of Parliament, wrote a column in the Globe and Mail, April 5, that’s worth a read, especially when juxtaposed with the accompanying graphic. 


Here’s an excerpt: “The rhetoric around trade has been that the United States is a fragile market that has been taken advantage of by clever foes. These foes have apparently out-negotiated and outsmarted every U.S. administration since the Americans set up the post-Second World War trading system and the institutions that run it. Whining like this has usually been the purview of weak states who have had to be policy takers and not policy makers. The mighty United States as Gulliver, bound by tiny threads on the shores of Lilliput, comes to mind.


That this image and those beliefs do not marry with the fact that the United States is the world’s leading economy by every measure doesn’t matter. We must deal with an administration that, tweet by tweet, blames foreign culprits for the very real dislocation and disruption that has roiled parts of the U.S. economy. This White House will make policy pronouncements based on that perception.”


For the entire Globe and Mail column, go here: https://tgam.ca/2nYTgnI


The graphic is compelling in terms of the continent of Asia, but also the growing heft of China which produces 14.84 per cent of global GDP. Watch for the headlines out of President Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on April 7.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

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