The Fifth Estate puts food producers under the lens

Drone view of tomato harvesting at Procyk Farms, Wilsonville, Ontario

“Why are migrant farm workers so much more likely to get infected with COVID-19 than the overall population of Ontario? The Fifth Estate investigates.”


That’s the premise of the CBC’s investigative program, “The Fifth Estate” which aired November 30.  Journalist Mark Kelley interviewed several growers and workers from Ontario’s Norfolk County where the highest density of seasonal workers can be found in the country.  


While the program estimated that seasonal workers are more likely to get COVID-19, farmers would suggest that their workers are much more likely to get tested as well. 


Mentioned in the program are Komienski Farms, Schuyler Farms, EZ Grow Farms and Procyk Farms. 


Growers would agree with one researcher’s view that society devalues food and farm workers.  For the print story and video excerpts, link here:



Source:   CBC Fifth Estate November 29, 2020  



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