Food and consumer health associations merge

Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) and Consumer Health Products Canada (CHPC) have announced that they have joined forces to create Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FCHP).


The new association will boast 119 food, health and consumer products manufacturers. In a news release, FHCP chief executive officer Michael Graydon said it was fitting that the manufacturers of products “found in pantries, kitchen cupboards, and medicine cabinets across Canada be under “one roof.”


“FHCP’s expertise and insights are unparalleled, as are our relationships across the supply chain, with government, and with consumers,” he continued. “We look forward to bringing the full force of our newly-expanded platform to bear to ensure our sector reaches its full potential in support of Canada’s resilience, self-reliance, innovation, and growth.”


The food, health, and consumer products sector contributes more than $39.5 billion to Canada’s economy annually and directly supports more than 350,000 jobs. 


“FHCP is the only Canadian trade association that unites the companies, large and small, which make the food, health, and consumer products Canadians rely on every day,” said FHCP chief operating officer, and former CHP Canada president, Karen Proud. 




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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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