Foodland Ontario turns 40



Foodland Ontario’s 40th anniversary is this year.

Over the past four decades, the Foodland Ontario program has developed partnerships with hundreds of producers, processors and retailers to help build Ontario’s local food story: connecting the food that consumers put on their plates to the farmers who produce it. 

The Foodland Ontario logo – found in grocery stores, farmer’s markets and on-farm markets – is a key way that consumers know what’s local and in season. More than 1,000 producers, processors and retailors use the logo and research shows that nine out of ten shoppers recognize it and know that it represents fresh Ontario food. 

Recipe booklets are another way that we are helping to encourage consumers to buy local. They provide meal inspirations to incorporate local food into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. New spring/summer and fall/winter brochures will feature 24 recipes, created using more than 50 different local commodities. And, as always, farmers’ market and on-farm market vendors will have access to commodity specific recipe cards. 

To celebrate our 40th anniversary we are looking to showcase how broadly the Foodland Ontario logo is used. One way we’re doing that is by asking our partners to share photos of where and how they use the logo to promote local food i.e. merchandizing 
materials, displays, flyers. We plan to share the photos through our social media channels and newsletters as a fun way to show all the ways we promote the good things that grow in Ontario.  

Foodland Ontario is passionate about the food that we grow here in the province. That is why we offer support, advice and complementary merchandising materials free of charge. For more information on the Foodland Ontario program, our 40th anniversary celebrations, merchandising materials or how to get the Foodland Ontario logo agreement, please contact Sandra Jones, Foodland Ontario client Services Officer, at 519-826-3947 or (888) 466-2372 ext. 5198263947, or by email at


Barb Smith is supervisor, retail services for Foodland Ontario. 

Photo by Glenn Lowson.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

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