Free fruit for kids

I noticed this sign in a Loblaw store recently. The first table in produce had a basket with some bananas and apples for kids to eat while they are in the store. It would be great to see some different items so kids have a chance to try out new products.


This is a great idea to help promote the consumption of fresh fruit for children. For anyone who has shopped with children it will keep them happy for a few minutes and keep the blood sugar level from getting too low. If your kids are like mine, their arms seem to grow when they get in a shopping cart and this might help distract them.


I am sure Loblaw are hoping the parents buy the items the kids say they like and that the parents will spend more time in the store if the kids are happy eating. Both of these translate into more sales for Loblaw.


They do say the best transactions benefit both parties!

Publish date: 
Friday, May 13, 2016

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