French’s ketchup is still there

After a decision was made at Loblaw to de-list French’s ketchup the power of social media took over. Consumers were very upset after Heinz pulled out of their Ontario manufacturing facility and French’s was the only national brand using Canadian tomatoes. There was enough ‘noise’ that Loblaw reversed the decision.  Recently I saw these signs in the condiment section. Not too many people ever considered where the mustard seed comes from!


The lesson here for suppliers is the power of social media, good and bad.  I am not sure why Loblaw had decided to de-list the product but I did find a cart of ketchup for .25 because it was getting close to the best-before date.  Perhaps it wasn’t selling?  The consumer has spoken so the product is still on the shelf but it will have to sell to earn the space.

Publish date: 
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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