Fruit Crop Protection Guide

The Fruit Crop Protection Guide 2018-2019 is now available online. Erica Pate, Ontario berry specialist, advised in her August 10 Berry Bulletin that growers can access the document at this link:


Pate also updated advice on a persistent invasive pest:  Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). 

This pest will be present for the rest of the season and pressure continues to increase. 


“Protect all ripe fruit at this time,” she says.  “Trap counts let us know when SWD is present and what the pest is doing, but do not show the risk of fruit contamination. Once SWD is found in traps at your farm or in your area, regular management is needed.”  


If severe infestation occurs, strip ripening fruit from infested blocks of raspberries and day-neutral strawberries. Spray and start again.  The moderate, rainy weather of late provides ideal conditions for SWD. 


“Spray every five to seven days, and re-apply after a half inch of rain,” she says. “For all berry crops, pick fruit early, clean and often.  Cool fruit as quickly as possible after harvest.”  

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Friday, August 10, 2018

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