Fruit Logistica lauded in Berlin, Germany

For anyone who has gone, Fruit Logistica is an overwhelming experience. More than 70,000 visitors attended from around the world on February 3-5. New products and services are showcased, whittled down from 60 innovation award entries to 10 this year.

World’s Coconut Trading, a company from Spain, won the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2016 with its organic Genuine Coconut. Genuine Coconut comes with a patented seal and straw, and is a simple, genuinely refreshing coconut water drink with minerals and a high nutritional value.                                    

Kitchen Minis Tomato -Northern Greens, Denmark        

Visitors at Fruit Logistica chose the Northern Greens Kitchen Minis tomato from Denmark as the competition’s runner-up. This is a small, compact and visually attractive cherry tomato plant that produces up to 150 fruits in all seasons and grows to only 11 centimetres wide and 35 centimetres high. The tomatoes weigh only eight to ten grams. This cherry tomato is sweet tasting and aromatic and can encourage children and younger consumers to eat more vegetables.

Enjoya – Terra Natura International, Netherlands

Visitors chose Enjoya, a yellow/red striped pepper grown by the Dutch enterprise Terra Natura International as the third-best entry. Enjoya has an aromatic and tangy flavour and contains lots of vitamin C. It is available in various sizes, is a colourful addition to salads and with the right dip is also ideal as a snack.

Automato - Stoffels
Stoffels, Belgium       

For the first time the jury also presented a special award, which went to Stoffels from Belgium for its Automato POS tomato vending machine.

Each box has its own hopper and can be operated separately. Consumers can choose one or more varieties – in one colour or a mix of red, orange and yellow. The Automato is hygienic and interesting for the youngest shoppers – it also attracts their interest in new vegetable varieties. Each box measures 23.5 x 51 x 50 cm. The total size, including all three boxes and a holder for the paper bags, measures is 70 x 130 x 75 cm.

Parmentine’s Cup – Parmentine, France

Parmentine’s Cup is a plastic container with 250 grams of baby potatoes for cooking in the microwave. They are packed together with 25 grams of basil-tomato or chive-quark sauce. The potatoes are pre-washed and ready to eat. The containers are easy and safe to transport and can be prepared quickly and easily in the office or at home. Six minutes in the microwave and consumers have a healthy and tasty, low-fat meal. The yellow-fleshed potatoes have less than 90 calories per 100 grams, the basil-tomato sauce only 20 calories, and the chive-quark sauce around 70 calories.

Pearl Herbs – 2BFresh, Israel

Pearl Herbs are only about a centimetre long with very short stems. This makes them ideal for garnishing and serving with other dishes. Finely delicate in taste, these tiny fresh herbs are available in more than ten different varieties including basil, amaranth, sunflower, parsley and pak choi.

WOW! Colourful Perupas – HZPC Holland, Netherlands

WOW! Colourful Perupas are potatoes based on original varieties from the Andes. They offer a new and interesting product range as well as a diversity of taste, colour and shape.

Four varieties are currently available:

  • Violet Queen – with dark purple flesh and the flavour of sweet beetroot
  • Double Fun – in two colours with violet and yellow flesh
  • Magenta Love – in dark pink, a rare colour in potatoes
  • Blue Star – with a striking marbled pattern, ideal for chips or mashed potatoes.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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