Helping greenhouse growers innovate

The Ontario Greenhouse Alliance (TOGA) has been working with the province to maximize the value of an existing $8 million greenhouse innovation fund, according to an Ontario government news release issued Nov. 30, 2018.


“We are working with our partners to make sure we deliver maximum value for our investments. We’re also focused on helping greenhouse farmers strengthen their operations so they can be more competitive, and continue to contribute to the success of our agri-food sector,” said provincial agriculture minister Ernie Hardeman.


Ontario has taken steps to reduce the burden for greenhouse businesses. These include clear actions to reduce electricitycosts, end the cap and trade carbon tax, getting incentives to extend natural gas to more of rural Ontario and keeping the minimum wage rate at $14 per hour.


“Greenhouse agriculture is a driver for growth and jobs,” added Jan VanderHout, chair of the Ontario Greenhouse Alliance. “We are very pleased to be working as a partner with Minister Hardeman to get support for the greenhouse farmers. This funding will help the sector to continue implementing advanced technology, to be more effective as a sector and to benefit consumers.” 


Source: OMAFRA November 30, 2018 news release.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

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