High Rise broccoli suited for machine harvesting

High Rise variety, Hancock, grows tall and erect on stems and are well-suited to machine harvesting.
High Rise variety, Eiffel, features strong, clean stems.

The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has conferred its 2019 Science and Technology ‘Circle of Excellence Award’ on Seminis Vegetable Seeds Inc. for its High Rise broccoli series. The two varieties are Eiffel and Hancock.


The varieties grow tall and feature strong, clean stems with few large leaves and visible crowns that are firm and heavy, according to the company's award announcement. Seminis says that the uniform maturity, high-yielding potential and consistent product quality can help growers achieve efficient harvests through less harvest passes. In addition, they add, the High Rise broccoli varieties are well suited for time-saving machine harvesting, an ever-increasing request from growers.


Developed in collaboration with growers, the High Rise broccoli series have been in the making for about 20 years. It was selected from 41 nominations and reviewed by a panel of judges that included PMA staff, science and technology experts, and qualified industry executives including previous award winners. 



Source: Seminis Vegetable Seeds Inc., May 14, 2019 news release

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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