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The Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council (CAHRC) is conducting a Labour Market Information survey. Its web site says that the information gathered from the 2018 survey “will provide updated national, provincial and commodity-specific labour market information that will clarify the state of the Canadian agricultural labour market and ways to minimize labour shortages in the future.”


The two-year project follows the 2014 Labour Market Information (LMI) research that determined annual farm cash receipt losses to Canadian producers due to job vacancies at $1.5 B, or three per cent of the industry’s total value in sales.


CAHRC further states that based on 2014 figures, the current gap between labour demand and domestic workforce was estimated to be 59,000 jobs. That means primary agriculture had the highest industry job vacancy rate of all sectors, at seven per cent. Projections indicated that by 2025, the Canadian agri-workforce could be short workers for 114,000 jobs. The new research will update the forecast through to 2029.


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Thursday, October 18, 2018

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