Latest technology at FutureTEC Zone

United Fresh 2019 Convention and Expo will boast 24 top ag tech companies on the show floor, the FutureTEC Zone, June 11-12, 2019 in Chicago. These are start-up companies in the early commercialization stage.  Ten of these companies will deliver five-minute TEC Talks at a nearby stage, offering a glimpse of their business models.


Here is a sampling of participants:


Aerobotics – provides world-leading pest and disease management systems for tree crop protection using drone imagery and artificial intelligence. The software, Aeroview, allows growers to identify early stage problems in orchards. Used in conjunction with a Scout App on a smartphone, growers are able to locate problem areas on a tree-by-tree basis. 


Dynium Robot– The company’s autonomous driving system uses vision systems to identify orchard rows, enabling tractors to navigate without depending on GPS. The system also provides agronomic information on crop yield and disease pressure.


Fresh Chill Solutions– This ag technology is used in the rapid cooling and continuous supply chain tracking process for fresh food. 


Motorleaf – This Montreal-based company uses artificial intelligence to automate harvest yield estimates and disease scouting in tomato and pepper greenhouses. The data can supply insights into growing conditions that cause skin cracking and blemishes in vegetables. 


RipeTime – This company has developed patented technology that measures and reports in real-time the level of ethylene in post-harvest operations. Operators can prioritize load-out operations.  


Source:  United Fresh Produce Association May 20, 2019 news release

Publish date: 
Monday, May 20, 2019

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