National Apple Competition

A beautiful display showcases the entrants to the National Apple Competition.

Which one is the fairest of them all? It depends on the category of the National Apple Competition. Just under 100 entries from British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec competed in a broad section of categories. John Gardner, retired Ontario apple specialist, was the judge.


Highlights of this year’s competition for BC apple growers are the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion of the New Varieties Category, for Ambrosia and Salish varieties.


“I congratulate the orchardists from across Canada who participated in the National Apple Competition,” said Glen Lucas, general manager, BC Fruit Growers’ Association. “We express our special thanks to Ontario Apple Growers (OAG), who went above and beyond the call of duty to recover our lost delivery of apples, enabling BC to participate this year. The help that the OAG volunteers provided shows the camaraderie and team approach that we have in the Canadian Apple Industry.”


Steve Brown of Happy Valley Harvest, Summerland, received the Canadian Horticultural Council Trophy for Grand Champion of new varieties with his Ambrosia variety entry.  Denise and Richard McDonald, of McDonald Farm, Summerland, was awarded Reserve Champion for the Salish entry in New Varieties. 


The Ontario Apple Growers Trophy was awarded to Wheelbarrow Orchards, Milton, Ontario, as the premier exhibitor of commercial varieites. 


The Tyrell Trophy was awarded to Wheelbarrow Orchards, Milton, Ontario, the winner of the best collection of apples. 


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Sources:  Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, BC Fruit Growers’ Association, Ontario Apple Growers.   

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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