National Apple Competition

The national scope of Canada’s apple industry is on display at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which runs November 2-11, 2018.  It’s the venue for the National Apple Competition which attracted entries from three provinces this year.


Congratulations to all who entered. Here are the first-place results:


Commercial varieties


Red Delicious  - Gutknecht Orchards Limited, Vernon, BC

McIntosh – Moore Orchards, Cobourg, ON

Gala – Davison Orchards, Vernon, BC

Empire – Apple Springs Orchards, Clarksburg, ON

Honeycrisp – Verger de Tilly, St.  Antoine-de-Tilly, QC

Gold Delicious – Davison Orchards, Vernon, BC

Cortland – Ferme Arthur Cauchon, Chateau-Riche, QC

Spartan – Moore Ochards, Cobourg, ON


Heritage varieties


Russet – Moore Orchards, Cobourg, ON

Snow – Moore Orchards, Cobourg, ON

Northern Spy – Wheelbarrow Orchards, Milton, ON

Crispin – Nighthawk Orchards, Meaford, ON


New varieties


Salish – Apple Springs Orchards, Clarksburg, ON

Ambrosia – Muckabout Orchards, Cawston, BC

Aurora Golden Gala – Davison Orchards, Vernon, BC


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Friday, November 2, 2018

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