NatureFresh Farms expands

NatureFresh Farms expands in Leamington, ON
John Ketler, general manager

NatureFresh Farms, a leading grower of peppers and tomatoes, plans to expand its tomato offering with the building of a new 32-acre greenhouse facility in Leamington, Ontario.  John Ketler, general manager, says the facility will house a range of tomato varieties using supplemental lighting, allowing for year-round production.


With construction starting in the summer of 2018, NatureFresh Farms will broaden its presence in the tomato category in 2019.  In this new facility, there will be a variety of tomato crops, including TOMZ snacking tomatoes, tomatoes-on-the-vine and beefsteak tomatoes. A greater supply of Canadian-grown tomatoes produced year-round is expected to meet increased market demand. 


NatureFresh Farms expanded its greenhouse production into the United States in 2015 with the construction of a 45-acre facility in Delta, Ohio. The same tomato varieties are grown there using high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. With supplemental lighting and other innovations being launched in the new facility, the Leamington greenhouse will be equipped with the same state-of-the-art growing technologies.


Once construction is complete on the new facility, NatureFresh Farms will be growing high-quality tomatoes in more than 90 acres of greenhouses. 


Source:  NatureFresh Farms March 25, 2018 news release

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Monday, March 26, 2018

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