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  L-R: Karel de Bruijn and Ron Van der Knaap, Van der Knaap Group), John Ketler and Frank Neufeld, NatureFresh Farms.

NatureFresh Farms has signed an agreement with the Netherland’s Van der Knaap Group to grow peppers organically using a patented sustainable cultivation system. With access to this “above the soil” technology, NatureFresh Farms plans to increase production of its organic peppers at its Leamington headquarters from nine acres to 15 acres in 2018. Another expansion to a total of 30 acres is planned by 2019.


Van der Knaap’s research and development team has been working with their partners in the Netherlands to develop a cultivation system for growing organically above the soil. This effort has been led by Karel de Bruijn, research and development manager of Van der Knaap who developed a reactor that converts proteins into nitrates (NO3) nitrogen. This nutritional solution produced with the reactor is free from organic residue, fungi and bacteria.


“Our team strives to constantly innovate in order to improve our growing practices,” says John Ketler, general manager of NatureFresh Farms. Working with Van der Knaap’s cultivation system underscores NatureFresh Farms’ commitment to improving the quality of its organics offering by applying the latest technologies from across the globe.


“Sustainability is core to our business and this partnerships allow us the ability to think globally and grow locally,”  says Peter Quiring, CEO and owner of NatureFresh Farms.


Source:  NatureFresh Farms October 6, 2017 news release. 

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

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