Neither wind nor hail

It is said that the most challenging aspect of boxing is keeping the gloves up. A strong cross or a stealthy jab are skills, but endurance is a must.


The Holland Marsh famers have been duking it out with the prize-fighter Weather this year. The area’s been clobbered by wicked winds, an extended drought and as of July 8, a swath of hail. The environment, so necessary in producing a crop, hasn’t been much of a friend.


Yet, there exists a strength as the damage is evaluated and plans are made. I’ve seen farmers, battered but determined, stand up for round four.


It’s not all lost. Some crops can recover. Time and work can salvage broken plants. Resources and help are available. Next year will be a new year.


So. To all those battling the elements and tiring: gather your grit and raise your gloves. The season is not over and we are all in your corner.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

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