New Sercadis fungicide offers growers more flexibility

BASF Canada Inc. (BASF) has been granted registration for Sercadis fungicide for control of many key diseases in a wide array of horticultural crops.

“We believe Canadian horticulture growers will quickly come to appreciate Sercadis not only for its highly systemic activity and excellent disease control, but also for its flexibility in building a customized program for their farm,” says Scott Hodgins, brand manager for horticultural products with BASF Canada.

Sercadis is a next generation Group 7 fungicide for fruit and vegetable growers. The active ingredient in Sercadis is fluxapyroxad, with the global active ingredient trade name Xemium. The excellent disease control of Sercadis is enhanced with its highly systemic nature, allowing it to protect the crop as it grows. In extensive Canadian and international research and field-scale evaluations, Sercadis has demonstrated excellent tank-mix flexibility.           

For 2016, BASF will focus Sercadis on:

  • Pome fruit: control of apple and pear scab, powdery mildew
  • Potatoes: control of early blight and white mould (foliar);rhizoctonia canker (in-furrow)
  • Onions (bulb vegetable group): control of botrytis leaf blight, purple blotch and leaf blight; suppression of stemphylium leaf blight and stalk rot. Sercadis is also registered in berry, brassica, brassica leafy vegetable, carrot, cucurbit, fruiting vegetables, grape, leafy vegetable, stone fruit and strawberry crops.

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Source: BASF news release

Publish date: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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