New tender fruit varieties are on the horizon

The 2020-21 annual report of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre provides a smorgasbord of highlights. They include:  


-  The tomatoes that Canadians want


-  Consumer insights for market success


-  Case study: Setting the stage for the Arctic Apple


-  Collaborating for innovation impact


-  Vineland’s role in the automation of horticulture


-  Leading the way to healthy Canadian landscapes


-  Harnessing global innovation for local results


For the tender fruit sector, several new varieties are close to commercialization according to Phillip Stephan, vice president, business and client development for Vineland. 


In fruit production, the sweet spot for growers is the early or late phase of the season, An early ripening sweet cherry variety developed by the University of Guelph has caught the attention of an international nursery group focused on tree fruits and it is now being tested in Canada, the United States and seven other countries. Vineland is the exclusive commercialization partner for this new cherry variety.


Tender fruit growers are also excited about Jupiter, a new seedless table grape with a later harvest window. If Ontario-grown table grapes could be available for Thanksgiving, that would be a breakthrough. 


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Source:  Vineland Research and Innovation Centre 




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Monday, November 23, 2020

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