Nominations for the Grower Requested Own Use Pesticide Import Program

The National GROU Committee has asked me to seek nominations from Ontario grower groups. If you have a burning concern about pesticide pricing Canada/U.S. differences, and wish to nominate a product for consideration, please do so by end of July. Please feel free to circulate this further within your commodity sector to get the fullest possible response.

The requirements include:

• PCP # and name of product registered in Canada,

• The EPA number of the IDENTICAL product registered in the U.S. This must be registered by the same company both sides of the border, and have the same contents (EG 50% WP in both)

• It must also be off data protection time here, which would mean it was registered before 2002. It cannot be a restricted use product here. It may also need to pass a couple of other requirements.

• If pricing is out of line, you should talk to the company involved to get a sense of whether they may reduce the price. If the product is off the data protection time it may be eligible for generic registration by any other registrant. This is an option when the product has significant uses across all labelled crops, but may be of little value for many horticultural crop only products.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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Acramite 50WS miticide label is expanded for control of two-spotted mites on herbs and mint in Canada. 

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