Ontario grape growers win arbitration


The Grape Growers of Ontario (GGO), representing 500 grape farmers and 17,000 acres under vine, report that price negotiations with wineries ended in favour of the growers’ final offer. The decision, announced on October 31, essentially means that cheques due on November 15 will be up 2.87 per cent on average.   


“This is very good news for our growers,” said Matthias Oppenlaender, chair, GGO. “We have a very robust system of estimating supply through our E-grape platform. Most grape acres are mapped by varietal and age of vine. We know our grapes from cradle to grave.”  


Although cost of production is up anywhere from 25 to 28 per cent for growers, the smallest increase in prices is noteworthy. Red varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon got the biggest boost in prices, reflecting strong consumer demand. 


For 2019, the highest-valued red varietals per tonne are:  $2,396 for Shiraz; $2,122 for Pinot Noir and $2,067 for Merlot. The highest-valued white varietals per tonne are:  $1,808 for Pinot Gris; $1,769 for Sauvignon Blanc and $1,729 for Gewurztraminer.


The quality of the 2019 white varietals is excellent, says Oppenlaender. “Lack of hot and humid conditions gave us longer hang-time which was good for quality and developing flavours in the white varietals.” 


The later season means that harvest of the red varietals will likely continue to end of November.  




 Source:  Grape Growers of Ontario October 31, 2019  

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