Ontario hosts IFTA tour

Ontario is proudly hosting the International Fruit Tree Association (IFTA) July 22-24, with a jam-packed schedule.


IFTA’s mandate is to pursue world-class research, teaching and travel to advance knowledge, inspire innovation and build a global community of tree fruit professionals. 


The agenda includes apple orchards, a cherry processing plant, tree architecture transitions, management and economics of modern orchard systems including the Waffler system. Variety trials will be visited as will apple production under a super structure. Fruit tree growers will appreciate a demonstration of robotic harvesting with a Vision (IF4) system. 


Look for the full feature about Chris Hedges and his new $3.5 million controlled atmosphere storage facility in the print edition of the August issue. He is one of three Canadians on the IFTA board. Lisa Jenereaux, Nova Scotia, is president and Hank Markgraf hails from British Columbia.  


Source:  www.ifruittree.org

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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