Outreach at The Royal

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association (OFVGA) extended its reach at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair this year with a revamped booth space in the horticulture section, which had not seen much change over the past several years.


More than 125 different fruits and vegetables were showcased along with a behind the scenes look at the technology and innovation required to bring Ontario grown fruits and vegetables to market. Three big screen TVs showed rolling video footage of what happens in the field and along production lines. The footage captivated people as they walked by the booth with many stopping to watch a few minutes of various video clips. The videos were complemented by an apple picking platform on display as well as an apple sorting table (old technology) with footage of the new technology being showcased on a TV screen to highlight how technology has evolved in farming and the agri-food industry over the years.


“We hosted our commodity association members in the exhibit space on different days throughout the fair which allowed them to promote their commodities with product samples and recipes,” said Dan Tukendorf, program manager for OFVGA.


“Based on the great comments and feedback we received from fair goers, I would say we were definitely successful in providing insight into the farm to table journey,” he said.


Quick facts


OFVGA commodity groups collectively handed out:


15,000 apples

3,000 pears

2,000 potatoes

23,000 carrots

2,000 mini cucumbers 

4,000 grape and cherry tomatoes



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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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